Who We Are

Our mission at Rockwell Dance Academy is to inspire, teach and preserve the original styles of hip hop dance with an emphasis on foundation and technique.

RDA strives to make classes affordable by providing scholarships, sponsorships and keeping our fees reasonable and competitive.

In addition to classes, RDA looks to provide students with opportunities for performances and dance competitions. Our goal is to give  them the tools to become better dancers, and to enhance their knowledge and skills of the original hip hop dance styles, and aid in the overall growth of the students involvement with dance.

Our school is open year round, offering classes during the school year as well as summer camps , intensives and specialty workshops.

We cater to all ages and all levels and provide the highest quality of instruction in a safe, supportive and nurturing environment.

BBoy/BGirl of the Month

Amarrion B-Boy”Rocky” Harris, definitely has the eye of the tiger. He has been with Rda for 3 months and is rockin it out and tearing it up on the dance floor.
Fav food – Pizza
Fav color – Blue
Fav dance move– Moonwalk
Dancing since he was 2. 

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